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Call for Nominations for the Jane/Finch Centre Board of Directors

The Jane/Finch Centre (JFC) is an incorporated non-profit, charitable organization.

The JFC is governed by an 11 person volunteer Board of Directors elected by individual, community and organizational membership at the Annual General Meeting. There are vacancies on the Board of Directors for a three year term.

All JFC Board members serve as individuals committed to the mandate of the JFC and to the important role of independent community social planning in helping to shape the quality of life for all residents. Although Board members do not represent any particular community, constituency, or organization in Board service, the composition of the JFC Board should reflect as much as possible the character and nature of our community. In that regard, in recruiting candidates for nomination to the Board, the Nominations Committee will apply the following considerations:

  • People who understand from their personal experience, work, and/or volunteer activity issues important to vulnerable or marginalized community members.
  • People from various ethnic identities and cultural traditions and backgrounds.
  • People who live or work in the North West Toronto
  • People from a variety of professional or sectoral perspectives, such as labour, business, law, public service, faith communities, social justice movements, etc.


Volunteer Board members, of course, bring many skills and talents to their Board responsibilities. Organizational strengths in areas such as access, equity, strategic planning finance, fundraising, law, communications, human resource development, etc. are welcome.

This year the Nominations Committee is particularly interested in candidates with an emphasis in the areas of: Finance, Law, Non-Profit Governance, Public Sector and Labour Relations.

Individuals who are nominated and agree to stand for membership election to the JFC Board will be making a commitment to a three year term. They will agree to attend bi-monthly two to three hour Board meetings and to contribute an additional two to three hours per month to JFC committee, task group or other Board related volunteer work.

Interested individuals may submit their candidacy or nominate others to the JFC Board by forwarding a copy of their curriculum vitae and a brief statement of interest by mail, email or fax to:
Wayne Woolery
Jane/Finch Centre 4400 Jane Street, #108 Toronto, Ontario, M3N 2K4
Fax: (416) 663-3816