At the Jane/Finch Centre, volunteers make a difference in the community by taking on roles that enrich our services. The energy, interest and commitment given by volunteers help enormously in our work. Our volunteers also have the opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills or work experience.

A general orientation is given to all new volunteers prior to their volunteer placement.   The purpose of the general orientation is to give all new volunteers an overview of the organizational structure of the Centre and to inform volunteers of how they fit into that structure.

To apply for a position within one of our programs, please click on appropriate link.

Volunteer with our

Financial Empowerment & Problem Solving

          1. Filing current and past tax returns
          2. Accessing banking services
          3. Dealing with debt problems
          4. Applying for social assistance benefits
          5. Avoiding scam and financial fraud
          6. Budgeting


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Volunteer with our

Community Development team

        1. Provide support to Community Development initiatives of the Centre
        2. Provide information and/or make referrals
        3. Help in outreach activities of the Centre
        4. Assist staff with preparation of flyers and other relevant administration support
        5. Help to organize and plan workshops in the community
        6. Help with administrative tasks such as filing, faxing, photocopying and typing of documents

Volunteer with our

Ontario Early Years Centre

        1. To help with clean-up in programs
        2. To wash toys and rearrange books as needed
        3. To cut/prepare crafts, paints and activities
        4. Prepare handouts for parents as needed
        5. Laminate books, pictures, etc.
        6. Prepare snack
        7. Change the bulletin board
        8. Assist with supervision of children
        9. Interact with children one on one e.g. reading stories, play games,etc.
        10. Build relationship with parents (at comfort level)
        11. Setting up/ preparation of room/ program
        12. Follow up with phone calls to participants

Volunteer with our

Youth Department

        1. Assist staff with administrative duties such as: photocopying, faxing and typing of documents
        2. Assist with outreach for activities of the Centre
        3. Assist staff with preparation of reports, flyers and memos, etc.
        4. Assist in maintaining attendance records of programs
        5. Assist with clean up of program
        6. Assist with planning and preparation of program activities
        7. Assist with planning and preparation of snacks for program
        8. Update resource bin
        9. Help supervise / co-facilitate program
        10. Build a positive and professional relationship with program members
        11. Prepare handouts for parent and program members as needed i.e.: permission forms, flyers, etc.
        12. Assist and participate in social/recreational activities
        13. Assist with the planning and preparing of fundraising.

Volunteer with our

Mental Health Team

It is recommended that individuals interested in volunteering with the Jane/Finch Community Mental Health Program have some awareness or interest in the Mental Health issues and mental illnesses. Support / assistance may be required in the following areas:

        1. Assisting with facilitation at group
        2. Assisting with fundraising event and Getting In Touch Program participants
        3. Assisting with program outreach and distribution of Mental Health literature
        4. Assist with other assigned duties i.e.: call support, office help and administration
        5. Assist in group planning.

Volunteer with our

Community Resource Centre

        1. To provide reception services
        2. To provide information and / or make referrals
        3. To assist with filing, faxing, photocopying and typing of documents
        4. To assist staff with preparation of reports, flyers, etc.
        5. To input information into the computer
        6. To maintain job boards
        7. To greet participants as they come in for service
        8. Filing, shredding, photocopying administrative documents