Early Years Centre

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January 2018 Program Calendar

Ontario Early Years Centres are places where parents, grandparents, caregivers, and children six years of age and younger play and learn together.

At the Ontario Early Years Centres, parents and caregivers can:

  • Take part with their children in a range of programs and activities
  • Get answers to questions about successful parenting
  • Get information about programs and services that are available for young children
  • Talk to early years professionals as well as with other parents and caregivers in the community
  • Participate in training to enhance parenting skills, build resiliency and reduce factors that put families at risk


Our Early Years Centre provides opportunities that can meet the needs of all parents with young children. We also offer programs and services to support children with special needs.

Registered programs:

  • Let’s Get Started is a pre-registered program for parents and their children (6 years old and under), whom have concerns about their child’s development and would like to receive additional supports. Parents will have an opportunity to: meet other parents, share experiences and play with their child in a safe and stimulating environment, discuss strategies to support their child’s developmental concerns and to receive information and support from a variety of professionals. (Main Site)
  • Supporting Children’s Social Skills is a pre-registered program for families/caregivers with children 3-6 years of age. Parents will be able to support their children to get ready for school by preparing children how to regulate their feelings, wait, take turns, follow classroom routines/rules and negotiate ideas and thoughts.
  • Through partnership with the Toronto Public Health and the Hinck Dellcrest Centre, we offer Positive Possibilities that is a pre-registered program for pregnant teens and young parents (21 and younger). (Main Site)
  • Kindergarten Kids program is a registered school readiness program that consists of 10 weeks, 20 sessions 4 times a year for parents and children who will be starting school in September. The program prepares the parents and children for a smooth transition into school. We believe that each child should be provided with opportunities to achieve their full potential and support in being successful in school. We work with children in small groups to develop the needed skills for school such as: social, cognitive, pre-hand writing, self-help, language development and problem solving skills. We also provide informative workshops for parents so that they can familiarize themselves with kindergarten curriculum, children separation anxiety, healthy eating habits, importance of children’s self – help skills, setting routines, building children’s self-esteem, etc. At the end of 20 sessions, each parent receives a report card for their child, which discusses their child’s progress. In addition, in the comment section, we indicate area(s) in which their child needs extra support and plan ways in which support can be provided by parents for their child.

Our Services:

  • Families who have children with special needs receive one – on- one support to discuss their child’s developmental concerns, fill out necessary forms and get connected to their needed services if needed. (Main Site)
  • Through partnership with the Macaulay child Development Centre and the City of Toronto, we offer Early Abilities services for Speech and Language and Infant Hearing services. (Main Site)
  • Through partnership with the Toronto Public Health, we offer Healthiest Babies Possible, which offers one-on-one nutrition consultant for pregnant women who are less than 28 weeks. We also offer Peer Nutrition service to enhance nutritional status of families through cooking together and discussions with parents/caregivers. (Main Site)
  • Our one – on-one Parenting Support service meets the family members’ individual needs and the service is provided in flexible hours and locations.
  • Through partnership with the North York Harvest Food Bank, we offer a limited food bank service once a month to some of our participants. For more information, please visit us at our main location in Jane/Finch Mall (near McDonalds) or leave us a message at (416) 663-2733 ext.264.