Financial Empowerment and Problem Solving

Financial empowerment is an approach to poverty reduction that focuses on improving the financial security of low-income people.

Our Financial Empowerment and Problem-Solving program works with individuals who are living on low-incomes so they gain increased understanding and control of their finances and access benefits that can boost their incomes.

FEPS provides information and solutions to complex financial challenges for people in immediate financial difficulty; it also supports them to make informed decisions and appropriate longer-term plans to deal with debt and start saving.

FEPS also provides information, workshops and assistance to other non-profit community organizations, plays a role in identifying financial policy issues that adversely affect individuals living on low incomes, and aims to facilitate positive change in these policies and regulations by developing new tools and policy alternatives, and through advocacy.

We can help you with:

  • Addressing debt problems
  • Accessing social assistance or other social supports, like ODSP
  • Filing tax returns
  • Banking services
  • Savings
  • Avoiding scams or financial frauds
  • Advocacy for financial issues
  • Creating a budget
  • Applying for post-secondary education


If you would like information on our services please contact us at (416) 663-2733 ext. 279.