Unity in Diversity: Aging at Home program is a mobile adult day program services for seniors from the Asian, South Asian, Spanish, Caribbean and East African communities in York West to live independently in the community for as long as possible.

The program will provide seniors with a gateway to accessing appropriate health care information and services through linkages with local health care providers. Each adult day program will have staff that is able to speak the commonly spoken languages.   Seniors will be encouraged to engage in the development of the programs to ensure that the services provided are relevant and sensitive to the needs of the participants.


  • 10 weekly ethno-cultural programs at various locations to low-income, high risk and marginalized seniors.
  • Identify issues and develop appropriate responses.
  • Safe environment, group trips and special events
  • Volunteer opportunities for leadership development
  • Weekly self-care activities for health promotion and education
  • Opportunity to learn and understand cultural diversity
  • Opportunities for participants to make decisions
  • Integrational programming
  • Social engagement


For further information
Please Contact: Maureen Galas
(416) 663-2733 ext. 236
or email